Empakai Crater Hike

Empakai crater is a caldera that has a lake at the bottom. The hike takes around 2 to 3 hours and so makes for an ideal half day activity. You can also opt to take a picnic lunch down with you from our camp. It is possible to walk around the lake in a few hours and there are some interesting sites on the southern side (Ngare Orok) and on route down and up birding is usually very good as well. Depending on availability of food in other lakes Empakai crater lake has every changing numbers of flamingo present as well. Whilst the Maasai used to live down here they were asked to move out many years ago now and so in the western forest buffalo have returned and other game can sometimes be spotted such as bushbuck. Look out for amazing fig trees in the forest on the way up and down!

| $included | time: 3-4 hours |

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