About Empakai Camp

about us


Empakai Camp grew out of Lake Natron Camp, Ngare Sero. For many years we have trekked from Empakai to Lake Natron and as a ongoing development and commitment to development with our community partners we decided to invest deeply in creating a “glamping trek’ that links the Ngorongoro Highlands to Lake Natron, and in doing so develop opportunities for the communities on route to benefit from increased tourism, employment and training.

As per Lake Natron Camp, Ngare Sero we always aim to be uncompromisingly eco – centric.


As per our Lake Natron Camp, Ngare Sero our commitment is to long term capacity building and we have taken the initiative to assist in setting up a Women’s working group to assist with many jobs as well as training and certifying local guides to work with our guests. After all, the locals know the area best!


Most of our values are pretty straight forward: operate a camp that is successful, gives back fairly to the community, minimises impact and provides opportunities for all stakeholders to learn and develop.